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Although I’m exploring idea’s of using the Fibonacci sequence still in my final design, I’m still not discounting other idea’s that I have.  I have been thinking of using Resin in my design.  I like the idea of being able to distort what the viewer see’s inside the piece and how that can change the perception of what that item is.

The idea I have so far is of a bangle that is separated into sections.  In each section there will be a different inclusion. I want to then distort the resin by placing bubbles in it or distorting the surface as it was setting so that as the viewer peers into the bangle what they see isn’t necessarily what the inclusion actually is.  Make sense?

I’ve done some detailed drawings but I wanted to explore the distortion aspect, without using the resin.  I was unsure of what direction to take this, when I was in a little second hand bookstore and spotted an old copy of Grey’s Anatomy (not the show, the medical textbook) and it all began to fall into place.

I used a sheet of acrylic over the book and took photo’s from that point and I love the results!  I took different photo’s of the heart, pelvis and the text …. the results are interesting, I’m definately going to use this technique again and I am excited to explore it further.  The thing I like most about it is that it totally distorts the original image, making you question what the picture actually is or what the text actually says.  I would like to try acid etching a couple of the pictures too to see how the effect would look on the metal.  I think the results could be really promising!  A couple of slides of the results are shown below.

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