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With the success of the last experiment, I decided to try one last experiment. I knew that I could manipulate the granulations when they were molten but I wanted to try to manipulate them when they were cooled and solid.

Going on the solar theme I thought that the most logical way to do this was to put them under the fly press once they were cooled.

This worked reasonably well, however the granulations were still very regular in shape. They were much more like small buttons.

Overall the splat experiment was most successful and I am definitely going to be using that in future pieces but after seeing the granulations lined up I have decided to use them whole, in their spherical form.

After seeing them all lined up in size from smallest to largest an idea began to form about them breaking out. I decided that my next sample should be a small cage to see if I can somehow house the granulations inside. So its back to the drawing board to work out what the best way could be and if there are any other artists have worked in a similar way.