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Today we have had the final module for the year launched – its scary to think that this will be the last module I will work on as part of my degree.

I’m a little overwhelmed by it at the moment. We have been told that we will have to make at least 5 pieces for the final degree show, but I am really struggling for any kind of inspiration at the moment. I think the panic has set in and is blocking everything else out.

I have been asked to design a range of medals with the university in mind so have been working on those designs. I was thinking about the map of Wales and going that route but I think this is too broad. I spoke to Cerys and she gave me some idea’s on how to modify the designs so that they are more localised. I’m going to have a look at this and work from there. I found it really difficult to try and be inspired by drawing my designs, so I got some plasticine and began playing with that to see what would happen. It worked! I managed to get an idea for a workable design and I’m going to now see if I can draw something up from there,