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I’ve been looking at the pictures of the medal carving and it has struck me that there doesn’t seem to be much progress between the pictures. The first stages of carving seem to take forever because I am moving the most material. After the first layer is done, the rest of the carving seems to happen in minutes.

I also don’t think that I have explained the design. The medals represent what I feel to be the foundations of the place I live, Wrexham. The medal I am working on at the moment represents Health and Wellbeing. There is the Caduceus symbol on the bottom layer, followed by the outline of Wrexham as a county, with the top section being the A483 which is the main thoroughfare through the county. The road represents external links and ties with the rest of the country. This one is by far the most complicated design to carve out of the collection.

I’ve now finished this carving and coated with two layers of shellac so I am going to do a test cast, hopefully next week. The beauty of carving out of plaster is that the mould can be used again and again. Once I am happy with the result of this cast I will begin carving the other two designs.

Pics ….

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