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The past couple of days haven’t really had much to talk about so I thought I would skip them and post a little more about what I am finding inspiring at the moment.

I was supposed to do another metal pour of the medals, but schedules and stubborn metal have prevented that from happening. It is scheduled again for the near future. I have worked on finishing off a couple of half done projects and I’m happy that they are now out of the way and I am able to clear a couple of jobs off my to do list.

So for the inspiration … I really like churches. I love the architecture, feeling of peace and the most of all the gargoyles and grotesques that often decorate them.  I was travelling into my local city, pondering what could inspire me to make a decent project for my Neg 2 assignment when I passed a church which had the most beautiful windows and grotesques on the outside. This sparked something and I have been working on collecting images.

I have visited my local church, St Giles. It is a stunning building – the church tower is one of the Seven Wonders of Wales. The architecture of the building is amazing, there are lots of gargoyles and grotesques … I took a lot of pictures of the church, hopefully to use as inspiration shots.

Other avenue’s I’m going to explore are nature and possibly more maps ….

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