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I have decided to make some moulds of some leaves to try to cast from them. I’ve collected some leaves over the weekend and have started to prepare them for a plaster cast.

I also had a tutorial with my tutor today about my Neg 2 module. For the past week and a but I have been growing cress seeds in a gel medium on my kitchen window sill. Those little seeds grow really fast …I have been photographing them twice a day (yes they do grow that quickly). The images are lovely, I’m really excited about them. I love the way you can see the progression of the roots growing, watching them curl into each other and intertwine themselves.

When I had my tutorial today the tutor suggested that as I was most excited about these photo’s that I base my project on theme. It makes sense so I am going to have a play and see what I come up with. I feel a lot more secure now I have a direction to go in.

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