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I have completed some more resin tests today. So far the results have been unstable, so I need to experiment to find a way to make them more predictable. I have done some tests that may have come out ok, but they are still really sticky as the Gel Flex mould reacts a little bit with the resin, leaving everything really sticky until you give it a good sanding back. I can’t really tell what has happened with the colour yet until I can do the sand back.

I completed the cast this afternoon. The medals came out well and I’m quite pleased that I managed to get a more predictable result. I think I would like to give sand casting another go but at least I know I have an alternative to fall back on if all else fails.  I did try to cast some natural items, but during the mess up yesterday they got semi ruined and haven’t come out well at all, but I can always try those again.

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