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This post covers a week at Creative Futures ……

Today is the start of Creative Futures. It is a week of talks that the university organises from professionals in the Arts fields. There are artists of all types (applied, fine, graphic ….), business owners, HMRC, volunteer groups, groups that run internships, programme leaders from the university …. you name it, if it’s art related there is generally some kind of expert there to answer your questions.

I have to be honest, for the past 3 years we have had to attend these talk, we have a timetable and we are able to pick out the ones that we would like to see but still, they haven’t been relevant or that good really, so that when it came to this year I inwardly groaned when I realised the week was about to begin but was pleasantly surprised.

This year was by far the best year that I have attended with talks that really were relevant to where I would like my practice to lie. The people gave entertaining talks (bar 2 but there is always something you can’t enjoy) that were informative and helpful. I met some really lovely people and all in all thoroughly enjoyed myself.