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So, I made a decision about my medals and that is to do them the lost wax method. Sanding casting looked like it would be the best for making repeat copies of a medal, but I just can’t get reliable results from it in Uni. The mould I made for medals from the plaster is way to big to fit in the flask, so I am going to have to start again on the carving.  This time I have decided to use a machining wax.

The wax is very different to carve from the plaster. The plaster is easier on the hands but creates a lot of dust so you need to wear a mask while you are working. The wax is a lot cleaner to use, however it is a lot harder on the hands. I think the size of the medal is going to be nice. Not to heavy when it is cast and fits nicely in the hand when held so you don’t need two hands to hold it.  We’ll see how this one goes … fingers crossed ….