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Lots of little bits have happened this week so rather than do lots of little posts I thought I would do one that covers them all.

Tues: The final decision on pictures have been made, so I now know exactly what I am trying to reproduce.  I’ve also wrote all the dates onto a year planner that I will hang by my desk to try to keep me on track with deadlines etc. I’ve been testing out the new enamels and am really pleased with the results. I can’t wait to try them out on my pieces.

Weds:I have been testing on some dyed seeds in my pieces. I spoke to the tutor about this today and she suggested I use brass granulations instead. I’m going to try this out before I make a final decision on which I use. I’ve been making more of the rectangle pieces, I really like them and am going to enjoy experimenting with them. I’ve signed up to make a small collection for an exhibition of the Mold Cape that is coming to my home town. I’m quite excited at the possibilities.

Thurs: I took a step back from making today to try to get a bit of perspective on it. I’ve made the granulations to begin testing in resin and worked on some repairs that I had. Not exactly what I had planned but I feel like I’ve accomplished something today.

Fri: Today we have had a talk from the London assay office. It was really interesting. I think I’m going to try to move my mark over to them. The granulations in the resin worked well, so I’m going to make some more and start the final pieces. I need to think about how I’m going to do stage 3 as it is going to need a bit more planning.

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