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Today has been a day of tests and more tests! I’m trying to figure out a resolution for the stage 3 roots. The picture shows the roots and the tiny root hairs that are on the shaft. I would really like to represent these in my piece but not sure how to go about it.

One of the tests that I have done is to set some of the glass fibres (from a glass fibre enamelling brush) into resin to see what the kind of effect is. I have also tried enamelling on some mica. I’m really, really new to enamelling so not sure how all the components work. I’m really just doing my own thing and seeing if it works out. The mica gives a stained glass effect to the enamel. There is no base, you are just able to look through the enamel pieces. I aim is to put the enamel in the resin but because the resin causes an exothermic reaction I wasn’t sure how well the enamel would hold up, so test 2 was the an enamelled piece of wire set in a resin cube.

I also needed to test what solders would hold up in the enamelling kiln. I set up another test with the colour of enamel that I wanted to use and a piece of copper with a pallion of solder on it, one for each grade of solder. They all held up really well apart from the extra easy … it didn’t melt exactly, but did change shape a little. So as long as I stay away from that grade I should be OK.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the resin pieces come out like tomorrow!

2013-05-25 11.31.25