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Yesterday was a paper work day …

Today I have drawn down the wire to the smallest measurement I can go, which is .4mm. I’ve decided to cut the wire at 3 different lengths and then solder them to the main shaft of the wire. I experimented a little with the colour first to make sure that I was going to get the right effect for what I wanted. I tested some different colours, in browns and greys and one grey that turned out to be more blue but they didn’t really seem to be suitable.

In the end I went with clear flux with a small amount of white running through it. Then I tried to rush it ….

It, as you may have guessed all went wrong. I’ll try to save one piece tomorrow but I’m definitely going to have to reset the other. I’ve also made a start on my buttons, I need to file the blanks and enamel them tomorrow so that they will be ready to be sent to the exhibition over the weekend!

2013-05-02 15.09.45