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Today I have sanded back 3 pieces to completion – it’s such a relief to get something finished to this extent. They still need the silver ‘hardware’ on them but still the hard part is definitely done!

I was a little concerned that I was unable to get all the scratches out. I tried the polishing wheel and I also tried Brasso but there were still quite a lot of scratches in the piece. In the end I tried some Zinc Oxide that I had. It is normally used for the final polish of stones in lapidary. I added some water to a small amount of powder to make a paste then rubbed the paste into the piece. The paste did a fantastic job of getting rid of all the small scratches. I’m going to keep hoarding this powder because it is brilliant.

But then disaster struck, I dropped one of the pieces and cracked the corner …. I think it may be salvageable but still I wanted to cry … I’m just going to put everything away and work on some designs for the rest of the day!

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