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I’m doing a couple of days in one post again… I’m really busy so forgetting to post regularly!

Wednesday: Spend the day at home doing paperwork

Thursday: I finished forging all the remaining root pieces. The next stage with these is to begin soldering on all the offshoot pieces. I met with the tutor today and she suggested finishing one piece to completion. I’m unsure yet what I want them made into so will work on final designs at the weekend. I know one piece is going to be a brooch and another a necklace but I’m not sure about the others. I know I don’t want to make all brooches.

Friday: I worked all the final scratches out of stages 1 & 2. I’ve drilled the holes for the fixings and began to make the fittings. I think I will have to start again on some pieces though as they aren’t up to scratch.