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Today was the final assessment! I can honestly say it has been the worst one for things going wrong.

My assessment slot was 2pm and I spend right up until the last second finishing pieces, photographing and generally making sure everything was as ready as it could be. The problem was that because I was working like this, I now feel that I could have done so much better than what I did.

Whilst I was photographing my pieces what I did realise that I really really loved was both the distortion of the roots or granulation when you looked through the pieces through different angles and the shadows they create when you shine a light through them. I think this is the best part about them.

But it is over now, worrying about it won’t change the outcome. The tutors were really positive about my work though so fingers crossed. I get to relax for a couple of days now before I start to set up the degree show.

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