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I think I’m on post assessment/degree show come down. I feel really tired and everything seems not so shiny and well … depressing.

I’ve come into the workshops today and I’ve been working on my bubbles range. Today I have finished off a set of stack rings that I think I will be making more of. I need to sort out some kind of site to sell on though … been working on Create but I’m not sure about the site, I’m finding it a little confusing. Anyone know of any simple to use website packages? I’m pretty computer savvy, but things just don’t seem to be explained very well … for example, if I have signed up to your site to create a site of my own with a subscription, does that then come with a domain or do I need to purchase my own? I’ve looked for the answer but I can’t seem to find it.

I’ve also started to release the posts from the beginning of Neg 2. It’s interesting looking back over them, I can’t believe that it all began in February. In some ways it seems so long ago, in other only yesterday.

I ordered more business cards last night too, I want to start building my press packs for New Designers, so that I am ready without having to rush at the last minute. I normally order from Moo but Vistaprint were offering a too good to pass up deal so went with them to see what they were like. The only thing I am not sure about is that with Moo I can print a different image on each card, with Vistaprint you can only have one image …. oh well, I’ll review when I receive the order.