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Today I am back in the workshops working on more of my bubbles collection.  I think I have all the pieces now to form a collection, I’m just making repeat copies to build stock up for the craft stall in Liverpool on Sunday.  Today I have be some studs made (so far…) the components for two pendants and some drop earrings. I have plans to make a couple of sets of stack rings and then may if I have enough time.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to work on samples for the Mold Cape exhibition. I have my designs drawn up, some I’m not going to make into samples as I don’t think they would be suitable for this project but I’m eager to test out  couple of designs.

Its been interesting sitting in the Degree show today, I’m much more positive about things. I’m still not sure what I want to do when I am completely finished. My application is in to study for a Masters, but I’m not sure yet if I will be accepted or if I’m ready to do one, I think it will be a case of seeing if I am accepted and then going from there.

My general rule is never say never, always consider your options before you make a decision. Maybe after new designers something will point me in the right direction ….