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Today I have soldered the granulations to the pieces … I love how the gold seem to glow amongst the silver. I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out. I still have a couple of pieces that I would like to add to the collection, but I am happy with what I have delivered today. Once I am back in the workshops I will definitely be working on some extra pieces, starting with the cufflinks. I’ve got idea’s for small studs and a tie pin as well. I’m eager to include men’s jewellery into my collections. They seem to be a sector that is lacking in contemporary pieces, but so far the only items I can think to add to my ranges are tie pins and cufflinks

I decided to colour the pieces with platinol patina. It turns the silver an antique black kind of colour. I use Renaissance Wax to seal the colour on my pieces. It works beautifully and really enhances the colours by making them look warmer and sometimes more intense.

I finished the day off by delivering them to the Museum. I have also delivered the order for the lady who wanted the studs to match the bridesmaid dresses. Both seemed to be pleased with their pieces.

The other pieces in the group shot are part of my Bubbles collection. I am hoping to add gold elements to them soon, but the museum requested this collection so they have the silver versions for now.

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