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You may have read on previous posts that I was apart of the design and making team for this years Eisteddfod crown, Y Goron. Monday was the crowning day for the Bardd at the Eisteddfod and I was lucky enough to be there.

Although I am a welsh girl through and through I have never before had the opportunity to visit the Eisteddfod. I missed out! Visiting on Monday was a wonderful experience that I will hopefully get to repeat. There is a strong theme of Welsh culture there along with Welsh businesses of all kinds, charities and artists. There are shows and competitions for you to see, all of a super high standard. We sat outside the pavilion for a little while listening to a choir … they sounded heavenly.

The day began by meeting at Andrew Coombers, the lead artists house, before traveling down to the Maes. We then had a chance to wander around a little before Morven and I were interviewed by the BBC, about our role in making the crown … I was excited but incredibly nervous. The most flummoxing question was ‘how did I want to be announced’! Was quite tempted to say Lady Sarah of the hamlet of Wrexham, but I didn’t, I gave a sensible answer. The interview can be seen here … I’m on around the 20 min mark for those who are interested.


(ADDED: I’m aware that this link is now saying it’s not available, I’m hoping they will add it to iplayer soon!)

We grabbed some tappas for lunch and then Andrew and Morven went off to fit the crown and give it a final polish. Sadly only two were allowed in to do this because of security, so I had a nice wander around the vendors. There were some stunning hand crafted items available  to buy.

We then visited the Glyndwr University stand. The staff from Techniquest had brought some really cool things to display. The most memorable were some holograms and a huge tent, that when you went inside depicted the night sky and weather systems. When I went in it was like sitting in the middle of a storm … very cool!

Then the moment had arrived, the actual crowning. The ceremony is like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s quite surreal, with heavy druidic influences. An experience I will never forget though. Watching the crown being built bit by bit I could never imagine someone actually wearing it, to see it on the Bardd’s head was amazing … he looked very regal.

The complete footage of the ceremony can be found below, it’s all in Welsh but it’s still good to watch visually. Our bit comes on at around 13 mins :o)