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The Mold Cape has finally arrived in Wrexham!

You may remember from a little while ago that I, along with some other artists, created some jewellery for sale alongside the exhibition. It was because of this we managed to get some tickets to see the private view last night. The exhibitions in the museum are quite special. Alongside the new Mold Cape exhibition they have an exhibition about Brymbo man whose skeleton was discovered not far from where I live.

There was some background information on the Mold Cape as well as some tools that Historians think that may have been used to make the cape, which were really interesting. People assume that we are much more advanced in todays society but when it comes to the research I have done on historical jewellery making techniques I’m not so sure ….

Finally the cape was revealed and it is too beautiful to describe. The colour is stunning, very warm and buttery. The precision of the techniques used in the patterns is amazing. Seeing the cape up close you see far more detail than what you see in pictures. There were also some pieces that weren’t able to fit the cape which could have been from a previous cape that was in the same burial plot. The distressed colours on these are divine. I’ve always had a passion for the distressed look and these are ideal examples. The gold is really, really thin. Historians think that the entire cape was made from a nugget of gold the same size as a ping pong ball if that is any indication. I would think looking at the size it would fit a small woman by todays standards.  Amazing!

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