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The past couple of months have been crazy times!

I have been making, doing craft fairs, sorting Christmas, photographing …. so, so busy but in return that means that my blog, facebook account and pretty much any kind of social networking have been neglected :o(

But my business aim for this year is to improve all of that. I have been working on facebook, both trying to post more regularly and network on there with other creative. I even managed to get a place at a Wedding Fayre that is being held early next month. My store is being updated with all the stock I currently hold before I work on too much new stuff (you know that I have to be making something, I’m a creative and would explode if I had nothing to do with my hands!) and now I’m going to attempt to keep the blog updated more often.

I have lots of plans for making this year too, new ranges to introduce and progressing some earlier designs. I would really like to work on some really contemporary things too, just to test my boundaries a little.  So hopefully I should have lots to share with you ….