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So I admit that I have neglected the blog a little bit, but I do plan to rectify that with at least some semi regular posts.

It’s just been a case of busy busy busy really. I’ve been making and selling, I’ve visited craft fairs and markets with varying results. I think I’m getting a pretty good grasp of the markets now and have something of a routine going.

I’m in the middle of creating a new collection now, where one piece will really be a limited edition as I won’t ever be able to make it again. The making of it was a total fluke and although I have several pieces that were made in the same way, none of them even vaguely resemble each other. I would normally release and announce each piece as I have finished it, but I have decided that this time I’m only going to release them when I have the whole collection completed.

Today is an admin day so I’m trying to catch up with all the paperwork side of things, tomorrow is my day off but Wednesday I will be back to making. I hope I will be able to post at least a couple of pictures then for you to see what I have been up to … until then here’s a few to keep you going ….

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