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Today is admin Monday and I’m in the midst of accounts, scheduled posts and business plans so I thought I would have a little blog interlude!

In all fairness I’m starting a little late today, my mum came for a visit which turned into lunch so I naturally had to make cake (let me tell you about my cake obsession some time!), I made a batch of summer fruits flapjacks and raspberry & chocolate flapjacks. The plain fruit are really good as breakfast bars … the others, well, they are just divine!

Anyway, I’m off topic again! See how Mondays are?!?

Yesterday we spent the day at the Tram Museum in Crich, I was a little worried at first that it was going to be a little nerdy, but I needn’t have worried, it was a lovely day out. The tram line is set in a recreated village that they host different time periods in. They run vintage trams that you are able to ride on (they give you old pennies and half pennies to pay your fare. The conductor even gives you little fare tickets – so cool). The shops & buildings are apparently ones that were due for demolition that they have transported and rebuilt. It was a good day – if you are in the area I would go and see.

I don’t know what it is about vintage mechanics but I do get inspired by them. I love seeing all the old cogs and the machinery ‘layers’ working together – fascinating. Plus it helps that I have an obsession with all things vintage. I was just sorry I didn’t wear my pretty dress – British Weather BAH!

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My business plan is getting there – I’m almost ready to start asking for people to look over it. I’ve also had some lovely online orders this week – an oak leaf brooch, a set of single studs with custom packaging and a pair of enamelled studs this morning. All in all I’ve had a good week!

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My next fair is with the lovely Sue in Halkyn on June 14th with Heartfelt Art and Craft. I’m giving you fair warning so that if you are in the area you will be able to make plans to come and see me 😉