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First, lets do the announcement. Remember a couple of posts ago I said that I was to be involved in a new project that I was excited about? Well, I’m ready to share with you all!

After my last craft fair in Halkyn, the lovely Sarah (aka The Newspaper Lady) rang and asked if I would like to be part of a collective that she a couple of other artists had formed to take part in the Helfa Gelf Art Trail. I was super excited so said yes immediately! There will be six of us altogether, with a wide range of talents between us. Check out our facebook page, leave us a like (if you do) and if you will be visiting the trail in our area make sure to add us to your agenda πŸ˜‰

Onto random thoughts … you know those times when you are lying in bed awake at night and because you are stupidly trying to sleep, you are not really thinking of anything … just letting the thoughts wash over you. Well my thought process went like this …

‘ha! I wonder what I would be like if I wasn’t allowed to make things …’

‘I’d probably be insane and climbing the walls – I would have been hospitalized in Victorian times …’

‘I wonder if many people were hospitalized because they weren’t able/allowed to be creative …’

(shock brainwave moment) ‘I bet that’s how art communes were invented … they were originally asylums for creative people …’

What do you think you would be like if you weren’t allowed your creative outlet?

I have been doing some experimenting & some making. I did do some work on the super secret collection, but then I melted part of it, so it’s now in time out until it’s learnt how to behave!

I did have some gaps to fill in my stock though, so made up some studs, a brooch & prepared a couple of spoons for some orders. I also made a ring out of one of the spoon handles … it turned out well so I might make some more of those.

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Plans for this week are to finish the super secret collection & fill a couple more gaps in my stock then I will be able to relax before my fair on Saturday in Halkyn. If you are in the area, don’t forget to pop in & say hello, its always appreciated πŸ™‚