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As the title says, it’s all been very busy here!

I’ve been making some changes and bringing things up to speed, slowly, lol. The biggest change is that I now have an official web address. I can now be found at www.sljdesigns.co.uk. I’m super excited that I finally got this piece of the puzzle to slide in!

I’ve been doing craft fairs as normal, including a couple of new venue’s. Some worked out well, others I wouldn’t visit again if you paid me too! One of the good ones was Artisans in the Palmhouse. The venue is beautiful, the organisers do their job really well. All in all it was a really good day that I am eager to replicate, so I am booked in for fairs there on the 5th Oct and 16th Nov.

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Another BIG event that is coming up for me is Helfa Gelf! I’m really excited to be taking part in this this year as an artist in my own right. I’ve taken part previously as a student in Uni, but because the Uni organised it I missed out on some of the organisational bits. I’ve worked hard on these this year – I’ve got myself a portable workbench (or something I can use as … will post pics another time), I’ve had to get extra insurance, write a risk assessment and much more – all things that I am just not used to do doing. But I’m glad I have done them as now I have a basis to work on next time. Also I now own a fire extinguisher – how cool is that?!?  I’ve also got newly designed business cards and packaging on the way to me, not to mention other changes that are happening to the site. The groups facebook page is open for perusal and comments and we have our own Helfa Gelf page that gives all the information on how to reach us.

I still haven’t completed my business plan. I keep chipping away at it but it has now got to the stage where I have to start putting in stat’s and figures and bleugh! All the bits I hate, so although the motivation is there, there are much more tempting things to do, like cleaning the toilet 😀  I’ll get it done eventually!

I’m working on another resin block collection – I have two blocks with start out idea’s tagged to both of them so I’ve been working on sketches and inspirations sheets etc.  When I have more concrete designs in place I may share them … with enough bribery.

Right now, I’m procrastinating looking at the store. It badly needs updating, but I have to go through and do a stock check first … bleugh … I wonder how clean the toilet is …. 😉