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Before I start rambling about the inside of my head, I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the store with some items (currently Christmas & Lost at Sea Collection, but adding more daily)

I love it when you are quietly minding your own business and then out of the blue, Inspiration hits!

This happened to me the other day 🙂 There was an exhibition on at our local National Trust property, Erddig. The exhibition was full of Edwardian ladies clothing, jewellery, shoes and other accessories – I can tell you how pretty the pieces were … but I can show you pics 😀


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All the pieces were in excellent condition and owned by a single collector. The owner was at the exhibition talking to people about the different pieces, where they originated from and any repairs that she had had to make. She was also explaining to me about Suffragette colours and how ladies would have the colours translated into jewellery (through stones or paste colours). Each colour was symbolic of what the ladies hoped to achieve. White was for Purity, Green for Hope and Purple for Dignatiy. All very interesting.

I was looking over the accessories for the hundredth time (my favourite part) when I spotted the edging on a handkerchief and wham! I could see the jewellery collection in my mind, it was all there!

I quickly snapped as a good a photo as I could in low lightly levels and on my phone and made my way outside to the coffee shop. Whilst I was sipping my raspberry tea (truly in Edwardian style) I made a few quick sketches on the back of a receipt and I think it could shape up to be quite a lovely collection! I have it pencilled in to start whilst at one of the Helfa Gelf weekends (but that’s another post) …

So that is how inspiration normally hits me, randomly the synapses fire in sequence and a collection in born. These tend to be the more creative pieces, I find that the idea’s I force out are the less successful pieces. The downside is waiting for all the plugs to fire in one go …

Well, that’s how I get my inspirations, tell me, how do you get yours?