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Isn’t it pretty ….

Do you ever wander around and think ‘ooo that’s so pretty’? I do all the time – this is where I gain the majority of my inspiration. My inspiration normally falls into two categories – historical or natural. I don’t know why I’m always drawn to these two, but I figured rather than fighting it and trying to force inspiration elsewhere I may as well go with the flow 🙂

On Sunday we went for a great walk around the outer grounds (not the gardens) of Chirk Castle. I love wandering around in the woods at Chirk! My only regret was that I didn’t pick up a cup like all the children had for collecting blackberries as we went around! One technique that I love using in my jewellery is texturing. I like to make my own texturing hammers for that truly unique look. I like to use the rolling mill with random bits & pieces to see what the effect is.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the walk on Sunday was the contrasting textures that I could see. The best seemed to be between the grass/trees/ivy/moss and fungi. Lots of different types, with different textures juxtaposed against harder textures. It was gorgeous, the evidence is below 🙂 Don’t they look pretty!

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We also visited the Helfa Gelf artists that were set up there, the work was really interesting, I particularly liked the work of Karolina Skorek. Some of her pictures were very ethereal, her bug drawings were pretty cool too!

Stuff I have learnt

I have been tuning in to a series of Webinars run by Patricia Van Den Akker from The Design Trust hosted by Ideas Tap. I wasn’t sure about signing up to the first couple. They had titles like Introduce Yourself Confidently, How to Create & Launch Your First Product and An Introduction to Selling Online.

Now I’m not professing to be an expert but I assumed that as I had been in business 12 months these would be going over old ground … I had a surprise! I learnt so much in these presentations I wondered which would explode first, my head or my to do list. So far the to do list is in far more critical danger – the head is coping as long as I write it on the to do list 😉

The last one was last night – How to Drive Traffic to you Website or Online Shop. There were lots and lots of helpful hints & pointers. Also in each of the presentations there were tasks or an action plan to help you put the things you had learnt into place. I found that I could also cross reference some of the tasks with my impending business plan of doom. I’m struggling with the last dregs of this and anywhere where I can do two jobs with one task will suit me down to the ground.

Patricia helpfully told us that she was in the midst of arranging another set of Webinars for November – I can’t wait. She is an excellent speaker and I really do get a lot from the talks. Make sure to have a look at both the Design Trust and Ideas Tap  for more details.