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I have been incredibly nervous, stressed, scared __________  – insert emotion here! You name it I was feeling it and I have to be honest, having all the emotions running riot around my system was exhausting! I didn’t really sleep for the whole week before the first day so goodness knows how I didn’t manage to kill myself out of pure clumsiness.

The Friday before was a simple day from hell! I had to bring my stuff downstairs, mount a couple of pieces, bake cake & have a pedicure – simple jobs yes? Hahaha, oh but you silly people! Every job turned into a nightmare – even the pedicure! The treatment was beautifully relaxing. I had a dress on for ease of access to ankles/legs, I had flip flops to save any smudging (strike 1). I go outside and a monsoon is threatening (strike 2).  I get to my car and the lock has slipped (?!?) so the only way I could get into the car was climbing through the book, over the backseat, inbetween the front seats and trying to sit down whilst both maintaining my modesty and trying not to smudge my nails. I did it (go me!) but it did not set me up well for the day.

By the time we got to the hall to set up I was beyond exhausted. I can’t really remember much of that evening except feeling tired. By the time I got home I had no energy for anything else. I still had bits to do & had to ice the cakes and the gingerbread men. I’d also left my list of things I needed to do/bring with me in the hall that was now locked up (doh!)

I admit to getting in, eating something and getting right in to bed. I think I managed a couple of hours sleep before the nerves set in again, I tried to sleep with no luck so got up and iced the cakes/gingerbread men. Do you want to know what the product of icing gingerbread men is at 4am?

Icing at 4am = unpredictable faces

Icing at 4am = unpredictable faces

The first day passed in a bit of a daze, plenty of lovely people coming through the door and chatting to us about our crafts. I didn’t get much making time unfortunately but I did get some admin bits done and I had some nice chats with visitors.

I felt a lot better when the first day was done, totally exhausted but so much better! I had a really really good nights sleep and was ready to go the next day!

The Sunday was so much better, not so many visitors though but I did manage to get a whole load of making done, which was definitely a good thing!

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