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I love my job! I really do, but there comes a point in the day where you have to stop and just relax. I’m one of those people who finds it difficult to sit in front of the tv for hours and do nothing. I have to be doing something. I find my self with nervous jitters if I haven’t got something on the go. My husband who is the complete opposite and finds in unbelievably easy to just sit and do … well, nothing, does not understand the need for me to be on the move or working on something all the time.

Jewellery, as lovely as it is just doesn’t provide the brain switching off activities that I need in the evenings, plus it’s not exactly portable, so I have a range of other crafts I do when I just need a little bit of quiet time. I knit mostly but this  last year (so weird that I’m talking about 2014 being in the past) I decided that I was going to try something new. So I decided that I was going to make a quilt each for my sisters. That wouldn’t take long. That would fit king size beds. That would be for Christmas. Can you guess what happened?

These quilts were freaking huge for a person who has never before made a quilt. There was 400 tiny squares in each quilt. They measured 2.5 meters square, they covered the all the available floor space in my dining room. They ended up receiving them for their birthdays in January :-/

I loved making them though. Even though it really stressed me out and the replacement presents I ordered them for Christmas didn’t turn up. I probably will make one again, I’ll just start in June this time and have a less stressful time doing it. I also would think carefully before and paln a lot more about the execution before I started instead of my usual method of jump in and hope for the best.

Do you want to see pics? Please don’t be judgemental. These were my first quilts and I was under extreme pressure so may not have taken as much time as I would have normally …

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