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I thought that seeing as the dreaded day of the loved up is looming around the corner I would take a little look at my selling venue, Folksy, and see what it had to offer.  From my point of view if you are seeking a present for the woman in your life there is an abundance of flowers, teddies, chocolate, underwear, trinkets, jewellery … you name it and it’s there, but I always struggle buying something for the man in my life.

I know family members who give their partners flowers, the odd stuffed toy, but lets face it, it’s not really very male is it? Or am I gender stereotyping? Although my very patient husband says he loves what ever I decide to buy or make for him, I always feel a little bit odd in giving him something that is traditionally a female present. Add to that fact that he is the most awkward person to buy for ever … and well I have a problem.

I thought I would compile a little list of presents that I found, share some love to other makers and try to window shop for myself while I am at it.

Men's Green Leather Bracelet

  • On a budget but want to show the love? What better way than a brew! Heart Shaped Tea Bags £3

Heart Shaped Tea Bags set of 2, Valentine's Day Gift

Hello Handsome Mug - Home Anniversary Wedding gift

Men's Chunky Copper Twist Ring - Hammered Rope Pattern - Your Size

Men's Wallet or Card Wallet

Leather Hand Stitched Phone Case (Iphone, Blackberry Bold & Others)

A few ideas that don’t have to break the bank! Plus you would be buying handmade, which as a maker is something I am passionate about. Speaking of … just a small plug for my own making 😉 Don’t forget about my own Sweetheart Collection. They would make the perfect gift for the loved one in your life, delicate design in a choice of finishes. At an affordable price too.

Sweetheart Collection Copper Studs

Sweetheart Collection Copper Studs, available on my Folksy Store, £10