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I thought that I would do a small post looking at the accomplishments, failures, betst bits & worst bits of January. I’m going to include non business related bits too as I think that they always have an impact on creativity 🙂


I think design related, the biggest accomplishment is that I taught myself tube setting of sparkly stones. I am really pleased with the outcome and I’m looking forward to including some new settings in upcoming collections.

Tube set CZ square ring

First sparkly set stone, look out for more of these in my Folksy store.

Non design related definitely has to be that I have moved myself out of the January funk early 🙂 I am definitely more proactive and thinking about the future of all things, both personal and business life. Compared with other years, about now I’d be on my second palette of Ben & Jerry’s crying about my bottom spreading while flailing around wondering if self employment is really for me. This year I haven’t even touched the hard stuff (B&J Caramel Chew Chew, you know it’s an emergency if this is in the trolley) and have even completed some to do lists.

Best & Worst Parts:

Best part of the month has to be a day that happened in the latter part of the month. Hubby and I made a trip to my mums house for her birthday. It was lovely being able to spend the weekend with her and with Hubby. I rarely get to spend a lot of time with either.

Worst part of the month is that it is so blummin’ cold! I have colour changing nail polish on. If I’m hot it’s one colour, if I’m cold it’s another … I don’t get to see the hot colour unless I’m sat in the bath! It makes making difficult too as it’s hard work on your hands trying to grip/sand/place your work when your hands are so cold!


I’ve been trying hard to try to think about something juicy to put in this section but I’m failing miserably. Not that I’m perfect, far from it, but I think you would call it more of a denial. I know I had a fit of road rage the other day when a lorry nearly crashed into us? Does that count? For next month I will write down anything that happens daily to include in this part 🙂

Goals for February

  • I want to teach myself another stone setting technique. I’m thinking about flush or gypsy setting.
  • I need to look at my website and make improvements.
  • I am signed up to several webinars that are aimed at the small craft business, so would like to put some of that advice into practice.

Have you got anything you would like to share? Proud moments? A confession? Feel free to comment below and let me know ….

Here’s to a Fabulous February!