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I have found webinars to be a really useful tool recently that I have been using in my business. I have a degree, it is in Design: Applied Art. Although there was a module in the degree course about business I entered the small business life with not a clue what I was doing and generally muddling through learning as I went along.

I was introduced to Webinars last year. I went on a small business course at the beginning of the year and they were mentioned along with several companies that could be of use to a small business creative. I was investing one of the links to the Design Trust website. I signed up the newsletter and I have to admit pretty much ignored it until I decided to take part in Helfa Gelf last year. As part of taking part, you are given a whole host of support information. Last year there was a series of webinars, run by, you guessed it, the Design Trust.

There was a lot of information given! I learned some things and listened to some things that I had already learnt along the way, but overall I found it a really useful way to spend an hour in the evening. I got a lot of practical advice and tips on how to move forward. Some of them I put into practice straight away, like the testimonials page and the terms and conditions page on my site.

Now I’m in the middle of a new series, this one focusing on how to sell online. We had the first session on Monday. I got a good review of some of the stuff I knew about. I’m now considering some of the options that I didn’t think were applicable to me back in August.

I’ve also had emails from my domain provider informing me of some webinars they are running and from Facebook offering to inform me how to improve my business page. Best of all, all this information is free. I haven’t had to pay for one of the sessions. A good thing when you are a small business owner on a budget.

My advice is, if you get the opportunity to take part in one, give it a go. If it’s free you are not loosing anything.