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The internet is a great invention. In times gone by promoting your small business would mean getting in a car/bus/train/plane and walking door to door with a case of samples that show your craft to it’s best advantage. As a person who has had jobs as a door to door sales rep I can tell you it is hard work. You have to have a 60 watt smile at all times and believe in your product. It doesn’t matter is Mrs Roberts snuggle pooch left a little ‘gift’ next to your shoe and you trod in it, whether it has peed down enough rain to qualify as an inland tsunami or if the next doors baby has just puked in the sample bag, you have to smile and you have to love love love what you are selling. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Like one of the cast members of the Stepford Wives has escaped and is trying to sell you Avon? That is the reality of trying to sell in person.

Imagine a drill sergent voice *no tiredness, smile, you are having fun, you love that ugly shade on that woman*

Well, not anymore!

The internet is great! You can sit in you pj’s *ahem* and write a blog post if you want. You can list your items on Folksy/Etsy/Dawanda and be downright miserable. If the silly mare from up the road comments you can shout abuse at the screen (just don’t type it!). As long as sound like you are on a Disney high in print it doesn’t matter!

The social media options for promoting yourself online is endless. Every week there is a NEW! Must! See! site being launched. It doesn’t necessary mean that you have to join it if you don’t want to though.  Twitter has been around for years, but I have only just started to use my account. Mainly because I really didn’t like the layout. I hate that responses are dotted all over the place. I find it really hard to read and just didn’t get the feel of it. I’m beginning to appreciate it now though and have been using it just as much as my facebook page.

There are also picture based ways of promoting. Instagram is a fab way to log your day in pictures and I LOVE Pinterest. If you are ever sitting there thinking ‘Wow I have nothing to do, if only I could have something occupy me for the next fortnight …’ or in the real world ‘Wow I have so much to do, I don’t know what I’ll do! I know I’ll “pop” onto pinterest to look for something that will help with …. oh look a baby animal …’ this is the place for you! It is like a pinboard with all the information attached, so if you find something you do like you can always follow up on it. I must admit though that I do have a separate personal & business account for both facebook & pinterest. In the case of facebook there will never be a cross over, on my business pinterest you could quite easily believe that Christmas and cute animals don’t exist.

These are the places that I love to be and I love to show people what I do on these sites. It’s not all product/sales/jewellery related. I think it’s important to know the person behind the screen, after all I’m the one who does all the creating. How do you know if you would like to buy from me if you didn’t know what my ethics were or were unable to get a feel for me as a person. I could be a factory in Taiwan churning out hundreds of products a day, or I could be a little welsh woman in a workshop with birds nest hair, no make up working away at what makes me happy 😉

So where can you find me?

I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress (but I guess you guessed that, huh?) and Instagram. I have my own Website and I would love for you to be a receiver of my newsletter!  Feel free to follow me or just drop me a message and let me know how you found me 🙂