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As I’m sure most creatives/small business owners will agree days working for yourself can be loooong days! Sometimes they are so busy I really couldn’t tell you what I’ve done or how I’m doing it … it’s days like this that I am really grateful that I am a little bit OCD about list writing and organisation.

I think as a small business owner you have to be organised if you are going to succeed … if you just look at the social media aspect of it, there are posts to write at multiple venue’s, blog posts to plan and schedule it, email, physical mail … that’s not including the actual job stuff.

Personally I am a list writer. This is a picture of my desk at this current moment …

My desk

My desk

See all those pieces of paper? They would be lists for blog post planning. I also have a little book that I write all my master lists in and a diary that I schedule work into. I’ve tried working without all those things and I just end up getting very little done.

I’ve also tried lists/scheduling/planner apps on my phone and tablet but they just don’t feel the same. I think I need the paper in front of me and the pen in hand to get any satisfaction out of it.

And I do admit to getting satisfaction from crossing off an item off my list. I even do a happy dance (will not be posting a video) when I have completed a list. It makes me a more productive person, I just get through more during a day.

What is your way of being organised? Or do you just do stuff until you have everything done?