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I know, I know, the day of the loved is just around the corner and although I am one of ‘the loved’ I’m just a little tired of seeing pink hearts, roses and cute meme’s about lurve …. So I thought I would change the pace and make this Folksy Friday about some thing else that I completely love …. animals. Big, small, cute, fuzzy, even bald and I will find a way to love them. I would live on a farm (and probably die because I am allergic to most things) and try to be surrounded by them.

Here is a list of some of the animals I would have on my farm …

A handmade Needle felted miniature sloth

A sloth, because they would be good to ‘hang out’ with .. he he he. Needle Felted Sloth £22. I would call him Neil …

Highland Cows Small Journal

A cow named Mirabelle. Highland Cows Journal £15

White Jasmine Natural Goats Milk Soap

A goat named Neville or Maureen … White Jasmine Goats Milk Soap £3.25

Flying Pig Automata

A pig named Nanette. Pig Automata £45

Grey & Red Geese Purse

Bob &  Bert, the geese. Grey & Red Geese Purse £10

Jack Russell puppy painting card

I would have to take my dog with me too, this is a surprising likeness to her. Jack Russel Puppy Painting card £2.50

So that’s my little farm! What do you think … is there anything you would add?