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As a craft seller one of the most gratifying emails you can receive is one from a customer who has good feedback for you! As a maker you often invest a lot of time into a piece. You put a certain amount of love into it, a little bit of yourself.

I am always really nervous when I’m sending something off, wondering if the customer will like it, will they buy from me again, what will they feel about the piece? A review is just like giving a little bit of love back.

Since I started selling online and in person I have had a couple of good reviews/feedbacks. I suppose in a way it is a good think because if the person was unhappy they would soon be on my heels telling me about it.I would love to get more reviews though …

Do me (and any other creatives) a favour? If you have brought off someone let them know you care, that you love your item, that you will look after the little piece of their heart that they have sold you. I can guarantee that it will put the biggest smile on their face when they receive that message, I know it does on mine 🙂

If you would like to see some of the testimonials I have received you can have a glance at the Information tab above 😉 If you would like to let me know about something you have brought from me, use the contact page and make me smile 🙂