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I grew up in a house with two sisters (and mum of course), four women in one house and you can guarantee it wasn’t quiet for long. Make that three teenagers and you were lucky if you heard any quiet time, apart from when we were sleeping!

I’m not used to peace and quiet. Quite frankly I don’t find it relaxing. Even when I go to sleep I have to have some kind of sound happening, even if it is the tv on super low or the radio – it drives my husband nuts!

So when I am relaxing (read making) in my workshop I have to have some noise about me. I know I have the sounds of the tools or machinery, but it’s just not the same. I have to have people talking! I just can’t concentrate the same if it’s quiet. For a long time I listened to music, but I found myself concentrating on that harder than what I was working on and it all went pear shaped pretty quickly. Then someone suggested that I try podcasts or an audiobook.

It was such a face:palm moment. Why I didn’t think about listening to them earlier I have no idea!  I started off loaning books from my local library and then converting them to fit on my ipod, then I discovered you can download books from the likes of Audible or free books from various apps. I loved it! I manage to reach a level of relaxation I don’t even get while I sleep lol. It is so peaceful!

My favourite books to listen to are the Dresden Files books, read by James Marsters (remember Spike from Buffy? Totally not a cockney, but has such a dreamy reading voice).  When I fancy a break from ‘reading’ I listen to podcasts. My favourites at the moment are Stuff you missed in History Class – I love this. I get to work, listen & learn! I also really like CraftLit – This one combines an audiobook with learning about the book and listening to what’s happening in the hosts life. Such a cool mix, plus you know those books that you read and think ‘what the hell is that supposed to mean’ well, the lovely Heather explains all those parts to you in whatever book she is reading in that episode.

One thing I have found in my search for audiobooks and podcasts is that I definitely have a preference for the voices that I listen to. It never really occurred to me before, but when you press play and the persons voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, you just don’t want to listen for very long. I’d definitely recommend the links above though.

So now you know about where I work, what I watch and now what I listen to. What about you, what are your habits?