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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I would like to add to this blog. Let’s face it, the blog has been around for ages, but it has been under utilised. If I’m being honest (which I try to be) the main aim of the posts and the blog in general is to draw visitors to my store (both here and here [see previous post on shop fairness]) and to give an overview of me, the artist, maker and Person (yes a capital P).

One of the ‘things’ I think will help readers to see how I work and how I tick generally is to review the things I use daily in my working life, hence the book review I am about to give you.

When I was in  my second year at Uni, I decided on what my area of speciality was going to be. We had a couple of options, glass, ceramics, metal work or mixed media. I felt more an draw to working metal (although it was a close call with ceramics) so that is where I headed. One of the first recommendations I received was to buy The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight. 

I have to admit to humming and ahhing about buying it (I was a student …. ) but the second I did get my hands on a copy I understood what everyone was talking about.  The explanations are clear, there are tutorials to complete certain techniques along with technical drawings and diagrams.  There is lots of other useful information too, such as copyright basics, metal melting points … there are even instructions on how to build your own portable workstation.

All in all a book I can heartily recommend. I used it through Uni and have continued to use it since, whether to teach myself a new technique or simply as a reference.