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I know that my presence on social media has been lacking recently … although I’ve appeared to disappear I have been busy working. I’ve had several commission pieces that I have been working on and now finished.  I’m booked into several markets between July and November so thought I would use this month to do a bit of stock building.

I’ve used some of the money that I have earned to buy new tools for the workshop … one of which is a new rolling mill. The new addition will help me to try out new textures as well as expand my range of leaf printed items.

2015-06-08 15.05.47

Now onto the title of the post. I was celebrating the finished orders and myself and the other half decided on a trip to Chester Zoo. We had a lovely day wandering around and visiting all the animals … but my favourite moment had to be the most unexpected!  We had just been watching the Bush Dogs patrolling their area when we heard a strange sound coming from a nearby bin. Intrigued we moved in for a closer look when a squirrel popped out and he was eating a jam sandwich! He or she was making sure to eat all of the good stuff first, namely the jam before starting in on the bread. I do believe he was having a spot of afternoon tea before going back to play with the relatives lol!


A squirrel eating a jam butty!