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I just thought I would share with you the piece that I am most proud of at the moment. It was a chance situation that caused this piece to come into being … I was between commissions and my normal ranges were up to date but I really had an itch for making something… anything. So I picked up some metal and just started tinkering.

First came the cup and saucer … cups and saucer images always have a special place in my heart, they remind me of nana. She always had a cup of tea on her side table and could brew up at a moments notice. From that point on it became a bit of challenge to see which parts I could make next, kind of a self test of my skills. I am most proud of the tea pot. Not only is it a perfect sphere, which I have never done before but it has a tiny 2mm cubic zirconia in the lid, acting as the handle.

The design is now available on the Etsy Store as a made to order item.

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