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See that menu up there? Well there has been a little bit of a change … Under the ‘Get in Touch’ option there is a newsletter button. Sign up for the new newsletter and I will send you a code for a discount at the store, that you can spend on anything you like!

It’s a tedious task updating the website – I think I would rather sand back resin and that is saying something :-/ But I have been working on it none the less, it was something that just needed to be done. I do have ways of making the time go faster though … for example, whenever I am working I am nearly always listening to an audio book.

I love the Dresden Files series and the reader has the best reading voice … remember Buffy the tv show? The character Spike? James Marsters has a divine reading voice! At the moment I’m listening to Proven Guilty. I’ve read all the books already, so know the plot line, but I could listen to them again and again. Harry (the main character) is brilliant and deliciously sarcastic.

2015-07-24 14.43.47

I also break up the time with some snacks. My fav at the moment is peanut butter on melba toast with a sliced apple – delicious! With a cup of caramel green tea from the lovely Lady Liver Tea, the woman is a genius with tea’s! But is has to be served in my favourite mug!

2015-07-24 17.17.12