Favourite Techniques

It’s hard to decide which is my favourite technique as I love each of them for a different reason … I like enamelling for the pop of colour I can get, piercing out for the final shapes that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and if I didn’t finish the item properly by sanding or filing then the piece I am working on could potentially by unwearable.

I think though out of all the techniques I execute texturing and granulation have to be my favourites. When I am using texturing in a piece I love to sketch out the pattern I hope to achieve and then make my own texturing hammers to hopefully match the pattern. Whatever the outcome I know that I will have a texture that no one else has!

I start by marking the hammer face with the potential pattern that I would to have, then gently grinding, sanding and filing away until the shape is right. At this point it’s just a case of testing the hammer and refining until I am happy with the pattern.

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The second technique is granulation. I love the process of making granulation! There are several ways to make granulation but the way I normally make them is to get some scrap silver and heat it until it contracts into a delightfully precise sphere. The process never fails to wow me! I love watching the molten metal slowly draw itself in …

I use these techniques a lot in my pieces and enjoy looking for new ways to experiment with them and create something new.

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