I am a jeweller based in North Wales. I use the natural scenery around me to be the main inspiration for my products. I also find vintage fashions fascination and often use elements of design features in my work. I mainly use precious and semi-precious metals in my work, although I think that it is more important to gain the design aesthetic to create the right piece rather than the materials that are used.

My main career goal as a jewellery is to create a space where contemporary jewellery is both bespoke and affordable. I would like to have a physical ship space that also has a visible workspace, allowing customers to view the honesty of the workshop and the workmanship that is involved in making a piece. I want to produce jewellery that is of a high standard and that is a pleasure to wear.

I enjoy the customer service aspect of my job. I like to deal with customers in a courteous way, making sure that their needs are met and they are happy with their purchase. I would much rather a customer is happy with no purchase than unhappy with one. I enjoy speaking to customers to explain my work rather than just selling to a person who wants to buy something pretty. I dislike pressure sales immensely. I think it is a horrible way to sell, which often leaves the customer with doubts once the transaction is over with.

My goals for the next 12 months are to improve my onlne sales. I would ideally like to start with a goal of £100 per month in online sales. I would also like to increase my collection range, but first I think I would need to sell some of the old stock to make some room for the new ranges.

My motto would be Truthful sales, clean designs equals Happy Customers!


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